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Volunteer Appreciation Week is 21–27 April—ISACA volunteers help strengthen ISACA’s global community in various ways, including exam writing, article writing and reviewing, chapter leadership and committees, subject matter expertise contributions, assisting at conferences, and more. THANK YOU to all ISACA volunteers! You are making a difference! Learn more and see ways to volunteer!


The Power of Storytelling—Did you miss the 31 January Member-Exclusive Speaker Series? Dex Hunter-Torricke delivered an insightful workshop around “The Power of Storytelling.” The archived video is available to members until 1 May 2024. Viewers will earn one CPE credit. Watch the Speaker Series. 


Webinar: What the SEC Rules Actually Mean to Cybersecurity Professionals—10 April 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). Learn how the SEC rules have impacted organizations and a course of action for moving forward. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).


DTEF and Digital Trust Board BriefingISACA launched the Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework (DTEF) and more digital trust resources. Members can preview the free Digital Trust Board Briefing until 30 April and receive discounts on the Framework, Implementation Guide, Short Course, and Interactive Guide. The Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework Foundation Course and certificate training and exam will be available in May 2024. Learn more.


Webinar: Protect Your Business Communications from Brand Abuse and Compromised Vendors29 May 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). Impostors leverage various tactics to hijack trusted business communications, including domain spoofing and lookalike domains and impersonating or compromising suppliers’ accounts. Learn now to protect your brand from impersonation abuse and defend against compromised third-parties. ISACA and ServiceNow co-sponsored webinar. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers). 


Webinar: CMMI-CSF 2.029 May 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). Learn how CMMI Performance Solutions can be leveraged in conjunction with CSF 2.0 to enable and measure cybersecurity capability, maturity, and performance, and how CSF and CMMI can be used together to build a stronger cybersecurity capability and program. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).


Webinar: From Check-the-Box to Cyber Resilience: Transform Auditing with Process Mining30 May 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). As attacks become more sophisticated with the bloom of AI and the risk increases with looming SEC regulations, how can audits prove to be more than a “check-the-box” exercise? Learn the mechanics of process mining for cyber, hear real-world use cases that demonstrate how process mining used data to reduce risk, and how to architect a process mining tool for data ingestion. ISACA and AuditBoard co-sponsored webinar. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).


Webinar: Inspire, Honor, Involve: ISACA Awards 20244 June 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). Through its peer recognition program, ISACA honors the accomplishments of members and professionals (non-members) globally and inspires new achievements in digital trust. Get involved! Learn more about the purpose of ISACA Awards, what awards are presented, who is eligible, how to submit a nomination, the selection process, and the presentation of awards. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).


Coming! Updates to CISA Exam Content Outline (ECO) —The CISA Exam Content Outline will be updated effective 1 August 2024. CISA domain changes/updates will reflect the most current industry trends and emerging technology. The new exam will be available 1 August 2024. Updated preparation material for the new ECO will be available for purchase starting 1 May 2024.


Book: A Primer on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks


Member-exclusive Policy Template Library Toolkit


Article: A Proposed High-Level Approach to AI Audit


Article: The Ethical Challenge of IT Silos

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