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Volunteering with ISACA allows you to give back to the profession while expanding your network, enhancing your resume, and even earning CPE credits. Long-term and short engagements are available to get involved. There is a volunteer opportunity waiting for you! Volunteer with ISACA.


New! ISACA’s Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework and enhanced portfolio—ISACA launched the Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework and more digital trust resources. Members can preview the free Digital Trust Board Briefing until 30 April and receive discounts on the Framework, Implementation Guide, Short Course, and Interactive Guide. The Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework Foundation Course and certificate training and exam will be available in May 2024. Learn more.


Women's History Month recognizes women everywhere for their achievements and inspires inclusion. ISACA is celebrating the month through the SheLeadsTech initiative. Join us:

  • Watch the LinkedIn Live conversation with Anna Murray, member of ISACA’s SheLeadsTech Advisory Council, and Sushila Nair, recipient of ISACA’s 2024 Technology for Humanity Award.
  • Visit SheLeadsTech to be inspired and learn about ways to get involved.
  • Follow #SheLeadsTech to see stories of exceptional ISACA women – and share yours! 
  • Learn about the ISACA Foundation’s support of women through its Women’s Month scholarship program. This year's scholarship application is open 26 March–28 May.


ISACA Foundation supports career pathways—The ISACA Foundation (formerly One in Tech) provides access and resources to individuals who are underrepresented in the tech industry, bridging the gap in diversity, and building a talent pipeline through its ISACA Scholarship and Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Programs. Learn more and see how you can make an impact by supporting ISACA Foundation’s programs.


I’m an ISACA Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework Architect, Hall of Famer, and North America Conference presenter: Ask Me Anything!Join the online discussion  25–29 March 2024 with Mark Thomas, internationally known GRC expert; architect of the Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework (DTEF); thought leader/expert on COBIT, NIST, ITIL and multiple ISO standards; and a local of the ISACA North America Conference destination – Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Join the ISACA Conference Community to take part in the event. Register here to receive a notification when it begins. 


  • ISACA Virtual Summit 2024: Managing Disruptive Technologies—13 March 2024, 9:00 am (CT) / 14:00 (UTC). The risks of disruptive tech like AI, automation, and third-party ecosystems also come with rewards of improved efficiency, agility, and deeper visibility into enterprises’ risk and security postures. In this summit, experts will discuss trends and predictions, how to implement safe innovation by prioritizing high-impact tech investments with low business risk, and more. Register here. Four hours/up to four CPE. (All virtual summits, including on-demand, are free for ISACA members and US$300 for nonmembers.)
  • Spanish Webinar: ¡Dígalo! ¡Demuéstrelo! ¡Hágalo! Navegar por el riesgo de los datos y el cumplimiento en la era de la IA19 March 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). En nuestra acelerada era digital de la IA, salvaguardar la información confidencial y preservar la integridad de los datos se ha convertido en una necesidad absoluta para las empresas. Este seminario web pretende abordar preocupaciones cruciales guiándole a través de los tres pasos fundamentales necesarios para establecer un marco de cumplimiento sólido: ¡Dígalo! ¡Demuéstrelo! ¡Hágalo! Register here. Hosted live in Spanish. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).
  • Webinar: AI Goes Mainstream: What Enterprises Need to Know—4 April 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). A recent Gartner survey reveals that over half of organizations do not have an internal policy on generative AI—opening them up to potential ethical, legal, and privacy risks. This session will discuss the challenges organizations face as a result of AI’s rapid adoption and offer guidance on how to develop policies for responsible use and minimize risks. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).


  • Webinar: How ServiceNow does Threat Intelligence—21 March 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). This webinar will discuss the many pain points that CTI teams deal with and how ServiceNow tackled those problems. Learn how to respond to and remediate cyber threats through the seamless integration of diverse intelligence sources that provide actionable insights.ISACA and ServiceNow co-sponsored Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).
  • Webinar: Leveraging Exposure Management to Improve Enterprise Security2 April 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). Learn about Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), a category that was designated by Gartner and is trending as a hot topic. CTEM is designed to secure all digital and physical assets for any sized organization. ISACA and Nanitor co-sponsored Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).
  • Webinar: What the SEC Rules Actually Mean to Cybersecurity Professionals—10 April 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). Learn how the SEC rules have impacted organizations and a course of action for moving forward. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers).


Webinar: PCI DSS 4.0 Changes—26 March 2024, 11:00 am (CT) / 16:00 (UTC). Version 4.0 of PCI DSS (released in March 2022) will become the only acceptable version after March 31, 2024. Learn about the goals of PCI DSS, the structure and its changes, and the new requirements that must be met. Register here. One hour/one CPE (free for members, US$75 for nonmembers). 


Coming! Updates to CISA Exam Content Outline (ECO) —The CISA Exam Content Outline will be updated effective 1 August 2024. CISA domain changes/updates will reflect the most current industry trends and emerging technology. The new exam will be available 1 August 2024. Updated preparation material for the new ECO will be available for purchase starting 1 May 2024.


Article: Fog Computing and Edge Computing as Alternatives to the Cloud


Article: Resilient GRC: Tackling Contemporary Challenges With a Robust Delivery Model

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