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Article: Candidates Beware: Red Flags to Avoid When Preparing for and Taking an ISACA Exam


Help ISACA and members realize the positive potential of technology by nominating yourself or someone else to serve on ISACA’s Board of Directors by 31 JanuaryLearn more and nominate here. 


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Case study: Performing a Cybersecurity Audit of an Electric Power Transmission Systems Operator


Webinar: The State of Privacy—25 January 2023, 11am (CT) / 17:00 (UTC). Learn key findings of ISACA’s third annual State of Privacy Survey, which uncovered trends in privacy staffing, budgets, awareness training, breaches, and privacy by design. Register here. One hour/one free CPE. All ISACA webinars are listed here.


Webinar: Ensuring Secure Access: Best Practices for Application Access Governance—2 February 2023, 11am (CT) / 17:00 (UTC). Learn the importance of application access governance; best practices for an effective program; and tips for being risk-aware, remediating separation of duty violations, and providing secure emergency access. Register here. One hour/one free CPE. All ISACA webinars are listed here


Webinar: Unlocking Data Driven Security for Strategic Decisioning—9 February 2023, 11am (CT) / 17:00 (UTC). Learn best practices for adopting a new, open-format data and analytics approach, and how to transform and enable efficiencies of data-driven security. Register here. One hour/one free CPE. All ISACA webinars are listed here.

Blog post: Top Cyberattacks of 2022 Lessons


Webinar: Data: The Heart of Digital Trust—12 January 2023, 11am (CT) / 17:00 (UTC). Learn key activities to grow internal and external trust in enterprise data, and the public’s obligations with respect to their data. Register here. One hour/one free CPE. All ISACA webinars are listed here.

Journal vol. 1 Building Digital Trust

New! Digital Trust World

Previously known as ISACA Conference North America and ISACA Conference Europe, ISACA’s Digital Trust World will be held:

  • USA: Boston, Massachusetts, 9–11 May 2023
  • Virtually: 21–22 June 2023
  • Europe: Q4 2023 (Call for speakers available here in two weeks.)

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Member-Exclusive Speaker Series: “Leading with Creativity,” 31 January 2023, 11:00am (CST) / 17:00 (UTC). Join Dr. Natalie Nixon, strategy, foresight, and innovation expert, and award-winning author, as she discusses how to take a creative approach to leadership. Register here. One hour/one free CPE.

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